The Challenges
Mobile technology is rapidly changing the face of business. Today’s workforce is utilizing mobile data, devices, and applications in a variety of ways. Managing these variables can be challenging, even more so with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) programs.

Organizations need a simple, cost-effective mobility solution that allows them the freedom and flexibility to overcome challenges in today’s mobile world. The solution should encompass:
Enforcing security and isolation of corporate data from personal data
Leveraging limited IT resources and budgets
Enabling employee productivity and collaboration using mobile devices 
Maintaining employee privacy
Supporting  a variety of mobile technology platforms
Mobilizing business processes

The Solution  

GO!Enterprise247 is a complete enterprise mobility solution tailor-made to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. This fully featured solution offers SMBs secure and controlled access to all their business data directly from their smartphones and tablets regardless of device operating system.

GO!Enterprise247 provides unique benefits:

Plug-and-play cloud model reduces costs and requires minimal IT resources
Cloud-hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail
Secure Workspace application container is ideal for BYOD & COPE
Mobile-ready business productivity and collaboration apps
Support for all major device platforms
Increased efficiency and productivity with custom applications
Affordable pay-as-you-go license model to minimize up-front costs

GO!Enterprise247 also provides a mobile application development platform that allows SMBs to mobilize their business apps, extending back-end systems to the fingertips of mobile users.

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